Poultry Submissions

Over 167,000 submissions were received and all submissions have been read. Of these, over 200 were considered substantive or major submissions that addressed the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) or the draft Standards and Guidelines (S&G).

The public consultation report provides a summary of the comments received from the public consultation submissions. In reviewing the draft S&G, the drafting group considered each full written submission and any technical information referenced within or attached to it. Therefore, even if a comment is not reflected within summary table in the public consultation report, it has been considered during the revision of the S&G.

*As advised on the Animal Welfare Standards website during the public consultation period, submissions are public information and may be displayed on this website.

Submission m1 Ginny Jankowski 
Submission m2 Alex Greenwich MP (Independent member for Sydney)
Submission m3 Graham Rickuss 
Submission m5 Greg Poole
Submission m6aSubmission m6b Peter D Fraser – m6aPeter D Fraser – m6b
Submission m7 Adam Joseph
Submission m8 Animals’ Angels
Submission m9 Shane Rattenbury MLA, Minister for Consumer Affairs ACT
Submission m10 Animal Defenders Office 
Submission m11 Animal Welfare League Qld
Submission m12 Annie’s Free Range
Submission m13 Banyard Game Birds
Submission m14 Bundaberg Poultry Fanciers Club IncBundaberg Poultry Fanciers Club Inc 2
Submission m15 Candice Zulu
Submission m16 Carole de Fraga
Submission m17 John Cordina, Cordina Chickens
Submission m18 David Parrott, Cordina Chickens
Submission m19 Denise Ankrett, Cordina Chickens
Submission m20aSubmission m20b Dr Phil Glatz and Geof Runge m20aDr Phil Glatz and Geof Runge m20bDr Phil Glatz and Geof Runge 2Dr Phil Glatz and Geof Runge 3

Dr Phil Glatz and Geof Runge 4

Submission m21 Edgar’s Mission
Submission m22 Egg Farmers of Australia
Submission m23 Gemma Merrick, Human Resources and PHS Coordinator, Golden Eggs 
Submission m24 Ian Claxon, Livestock Manager, Golden Egg Farms
Submission m25 Queensland United Egg Producers
Submission m26 Lisa Baker MLA (WA)
Submission m27 Bryan Reimers, Sales Manager, Loddon Valley Eggs
Submission m28 RSPCA community submissions
Submission m29aSubmission m29b RSPCA Australia – m29aRSPCA Australian – m29b
Submission m30 Ruchi Saklani
Submission m31 Solar Eggs Pty Ltd
Submission m32 Nation Builder Petition List (Vegan Australia)
Submission m33 Sunny Queen Australia
Submission m34 Voiceless
Submission m35 Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
Submission m37 AgriFutures Australia, Chicken Meat Advisory Panel
Submission m38 Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance
Submission m39aSubmission m39b Australian Veterinary Poultry Association – m39aAustralian Veterinary Poultry Association – m39b
Submission m40 Bert SheridanBert Sheridan 2Bert Sheridan 3
Submission m42 Cheralyn Simpson
Submission m43 The Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia
Submission m44 Exhibition Poultry Association of NSW Inc
Submission m45 Fremantle Egg Company
Submission m46 George Arzey
Submission m48 The Law Society of South Australia
Submission m49 Lawyers for Animals Inc
Submission m50 Lindon Mckenna
Submission m51 McLean Farms
Submission m53 Jeff Ironside
Submission m54 PETA Australia
Submission m55 RSPCA WA
Submission m57 Smalls Trading Co
Submission m58 Franko Pirovic, Pirovic Family Farms
Submission m59 Australian Ethical Investment Ltd
Submission m60 Cassie Rowe MLA (WA)
Submission m61 Specialised Breeders Australia
Submission m62 Tenterfield Poultry Club
Submission m63 World Animal ProtectionWorld Animal Protection 2World Animal Protection 3World Animal Protection 4
Submission m64 Australian Chicken Meat Federation
Submission m65 Animals Australia
Submission m66 Inghams, Turkey Operations
Submission m67 Inghams, Meat Chicken Operations
Submission m68 Australian Chicken Grower Association
Submission m69 Phil Westwood, Freeranger Eggs and Convenor, Freeranger Club
Submission m70 Turi Foods
Submission m71 All Game Club of South Australia
Submission m72 Animal Law Institute
Submission m73 Australian Veterinary Association Ltd
Submission m74 Aviagen Australia Pty Ltd
Submission m75 Legion Trial Pty Ltd
Submission m76 Central Queensland Poultry Club
Submission m77 Jessica Spencer, Livestock Manager, Day Eggs
Submission m78 Edward Vaughan
Submission m79 Eric Forte
Submission m80 Exhibition Stud Poultry Association
Submission m81 Australasian Turkey Federation
Submission m82 Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
Submission m83 Benn Van Elburg
Submission m84 Casino Poultry Club Inc
Submission m85 Chris Forte
Submission m86aSubmission m86b Claire Dolling – m86aClaire Dolling – m6b
Submission m87 Claire Mummery
Submission m88 Commercial Egg Farmers of South Australia and Tasmania (CEFASAT)
Submission m89aSubmission m89b Deanne Vines – m89aDeanne Vines – m89b
Submission m90 David Banfield, Mount Lilydale Mercy College
Submission m91 Erin Callow
Submission m92 Hon Rick Mazza MLC (WA)
Submission m93 Humane Society International Australia
Submission m94 Janice Haviland and Martin Derby
Submission m95 Law Institute of Victoria
Submission m96 Vegan Australia
Submission m97 Nuncio Casaccio, Cassaccio Egg Farm
Submission m98 Bill Williams, Protein Ltd
Submission m99 Gawler Districts Poultry Fanciers Association Inc
Submission m100 Lauren Hoiles
Submission m101 Jo-Anne Bloomfield
Submission m102 Giorgina Abraham
Submission m103 Noel Kratzmann
Submission m104 Natalie Morgan
Submission m105 Peter Bell
Submission m106 Dinny Laurence
Submission m107 Shannon Loughnane
Submission m108 South Australian Poultry Association
Submission m109 Stockman’s Eggs
Submission m110 Charles Davis
Submission m111 Gippsland Pigeon Federation Inc
Submission m112 Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Inc
Submission m113 Australian Duck Meat Association
Submission m114 Graham Walker
Submission m115 RSPCA SA
Submission m116 Mike Ryan
Submission m117 Janice Kendall
Submission m118 E Boros, A Bulman, B Dyer, D Hambleton, R Harrison, C Moller, A Shaw
Submission m119 Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Federation
Submission m120 Alan Parnham, Inghams
Submission m121 Dr Rebecca Jennings, Bunninyoung Vet Clinic
Submission m122 Katherine Balding, Inghams
Submission m123 East Bentleigh Primary School
Submission m124 Australian Eggs
Submission m125 Braidwood Central School
Submission m126 Bruce Notley-Smith MP (NSW)
Submission m127 Dennis Merchant
Submission m128 Errol Hetherington
Submission m129 J.Barr
Submission m130 Jamie Parker MP (NSW)
Submission m131 Jessica Shaw MLA (WA)
Submission m132 Leghorn Club of Australia Inc
Submission m133 Lismore Poultry Club
Submission m134 Olivia and Helen Hetherington
Submission m135 Peel Ridge Stud Waterfowl and Maria Creeks Enterprises Pty LtdPeel Ridge Stud Waterfowl 2
Submission m136 David May, DA Hall and Co
Submission m137 South and Central Queensland All Game Club Inc
Submission m138 Jill Weaver, Secretary, Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club
Submission m140 The Modern Game Club of QLD Inc
Submission m141 Val Maslen
Submission m142 Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Submission m143 NSW Farmers
Submission m144 A Prof Peter Groves, Director, Poultry Research Foundation, USYD
Submission m145 Sue Forte
Submission m146 RSPCA Queensland
Submission m147 Sentient
Submission m148 Somerville Egg Farm
Submission m149 Brendan Bell
Submission m150 Tom Beattie
Submission m151 Wayne Patterson
Submission m153 David Michael MLA WA
Submission m154 Mark Dolling
Submission m155 Dr Di Evans
Submission m156 Chake Kerrqin
Submission m157 Kerry Chaplin
Submission m158 Peter Bell
Submission m159 Clairly Simpson
Submission m160 RSPCA Victoria
Submission m162 Selma
Submission m164 Trish Verran
Submission m165 Far North Coast All Game Club Inc
Submission m166 Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc
Submission m167 Greens NSW
Submission m168 Greg Mills
Submission m169 Karoda
Submission m171 Kevin McLeod
Submission m172 Marnie Nolton
Submission m173 Marriana Chester
Submission m174 Nola Simpson
Submission m175 Elizabeth Ellis
Submission m176 Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia Ltd
Submission m177 Julian Johnson
Submission m178 Modern Game Promotional Society Inc
Submission m180 Danny Jones, Managing Director, Pure Food Eggs Pty Ltd
Submission m181 Game Fowl Club of WA
Submission m182 Dr Leisha Hewitt, Livestock Welfare
Submission m183 Tasmanian Poultry Fanciers Association
Submission m184 Queensland Pit Game Fowl Club Inc
Submission m185 Ruth Pollard
Submission m186 Steven Kavanagh
Submission m187 Old English Game Fowl Club of Australia Inc
Submission m188 Animal Justice Party
Submission m189 Susan Kay
Submission m190 NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee
Submission m191 Animal Liberation ACT
Submission m192 Bridget Ingram
Submission m193 Paul D’Alberto
Submission m195 Kalbarri Eggs
Submission m196 A Prof Tamsyn Crowley
Submission m197 PROOF
Submission m198 Dr Richard Lauder
Submission m199 Nesci family
Submission m200 Sharon Koh
Submission m201 Con Tamvakis
Submission m202 Tasmanian Game Spectacular
Submission m203 C Parker, Dr G Scrinis, Dr R Carey, University of Melbourne
Submission m204 Victorian Farmers Federation
Submission m205 A Prof L Crowley and C Caple
Submission m206 Darwalla
Submission m207 Golden Cockerel
Submission m208 SA Inghams Chicken Growers Group
Submission m209 South Australian Homing Pigeon Association Inc
Submission m210 Victorian Homing Pigeon Association
Submission m211 Victorian Racing Pigeon Union
Submission m212 Woodlands
Submission m213 Brendan Tolentino
Submission m214 Vincent Colla, Moorabool Valley Eggs Pty Ltd
Submission m215 Paul Pace, Pace Farms
Submission m216 Simon Colla, Moorabool Valley Eggs Pty Ltd
Submission m217 Bernand Egan, General Manager, Golden Eggs
Submission m218 Libreri Farm Eggs
Submission m219 Guido Colla, Moorabool Valley Eggs


Page updated: 11 July 2018