Cattle Submissions

Submission 1 Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania
Submission 2 AgForce
Submission 3 ALFA support for AW SG 130408
Submission 4 Alicia Sutton
Submission 5 ALPA Submission
Submission 6 AMIC Submission to AAWS
Submission 7 Animal Liberation Queensland cattle-review-2013
Submission 8 Animal Liberation Queensland-covering-letter
Submission 9 Animal Welfare Stds Cattle PGA – 05 08 2013
Submission 10 Animals Australia comments on Cattle Standards August 2013
Submission 11 Australian Cattle Veterinarians Submission
Submission 12 Australian Dairy Farmers Limited and Dairy Australia
Submission 13 Ballarat Animal Advocates Association
Submission 14 Canterbury and Asso Brahman Studs
Submission 15 Carole de Fraga
Submission 16 Cat Alliance of Australia Inc
Submission 17 Cattle SG – RSPCA Australia additional submission 05-08-2013
Submission 18 CCA Submission Cattle SGs and RIS
Submission 19 DEPI Victoria submission
Submission 20 Di Evans
Submission 21 DPI NSW submission
Submission 22 DPIPWE TAS
Submission 23 Edgar’s Mission Cattle Standards submission 5 Aug 2013
Submission 24 Far North Coast Dairy Industry Group Inc
Submission 25 Fonterra Australia submission
Submission 26 Glan Lines
Submission 27 Heislers
Submission 28 Kimberley Branch PGA
Submission 29 Law Society of south Australia _John White
Submission 30 Leonard Martin
Submission 31 Livestock Rural Transports Associations
Submission 32 Livestock SA
Submission 33 Norco Submission Animal Welfare letter 060513
Submission 34 Northern Pastoral Company Group
Submission 35 Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre
Submission 36 NSW Farmers Cattle Standards and Guidelines submission
Submission 37 NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee
Submission 38 NT DPIF submission
Submission 39 NTCASubmissionCattleStandardsFinal
Submission 40 PAM_Cattle.S&G.Publ.Cons.May.2013
Submission 41 PETA Australia submission
Submission 42 Phill Seiler
Submission 43 QLD DAFF Ministerial Letter – Cattle Submission
Submission 44 Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation
Submission 45 RSPCA Australia submission
Submission 46 RSPCA SA Submission for Cattle SGs (FINAL) 6 May 13
Submission 47 SA Cattle Advisory Group
Submission 48 South Australian Dairyfarmers’ Association Inc. SADA
Submission 49 South Coast and Tablelands Regional Livestock Health Committee
Submission 50 Submission by Sentient
Submission 51 TFGA submission Nat Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines_050813
Submission 52 United Dairy Farmers of VIC submission
Submission 53 Vegan Australia_cattle_submission
Submission 54 Victorian Farmers Federation
Submission 55 Voiceless submission
Submission 56
WA Farmers August 2013
Submission 57 WAFarmers Federation Dairy Section Submission
Submission 58 Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic
Submission 59 WSPA input to cattle standards and guidelines