Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines

The development of the poultry standards and guidelines are in progress and can be found here.

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle and sheep can be found here.

For the past 36 years, the welfare of livestock in Australia has been supported by a series of Model Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals. Community values and expectations have changed, and our international trading partners have placed greater emphasis on livestock welfare. A review of the Model Codes of Practice (MCOP) in 2005 recommended they be converted into Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines.

The welfare standards and guidelines for livestock aim to harmonise and streamline livestock welfare legislation in Australia, ensuring that it results in improved welfare outcomes and is practical for industry.

This website gives a progress update, background, consultative process and a submissions page on all previous and current standards and guidelines development.

Page reviewed: 23 March 2020